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    I've gotten a new unlocked Palm 680 and have called T-Mobile twice. The first answer was to get a new SIM card (since mine was old and in a Razr with phone and messages only). I also signed up for data services 19.99. I did that and then still had a "Canceling" message after my "Sign-on" message in connecting with the network. I called again and got the T-Mobile support person to walk me through a new network service setup for TZones with an APN of, etc. and he changed something else that was wrong on my plan setup. It will now connect successfully to the internet giving the two green triangles above the bar strength symbol showing it is connected, but in requesting a web page all I get is the "Sending..." at the top no matter what page is requested. The globe has the symbol going around, but it never completes a page loading and hangs there for enough time that I give up (>5-10 minutes). Any ideas on what else to try? Thanks!
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    You need to have the T-Mobile Internet (ask them for Internet only... not VPN or T-Zones) setup and connect that way:

    T-Mobile (Internet): Manual Setup*
    Proxy Address
    Port 8080
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    Thanks so much for the response. I called T-mobile last night and they said I was signed up for VPN. They said it would take 2-72 hours to switch to "internet" and it was the less secure option. They couldn't say how it was different other than that. Hopefully it won't take much longer to get it switched over and working. I appreciate your input!
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    you might also try turning the phone off and on again. I've found that when t-mobile makes changes to your service your phone and the local basestation need to re-handshake to allow new services to work. It seems that you get locked out when the phone tries to handshake too many times they completely lock you out until the phone portion gets reset. YMMV.

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