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    is anyone having trouble with the messaging where the sent box keeps all the messages you sent out....even if it is a chat in your inbox. If you delete the deletes all of your replies from the chats in the inbox and only keeps your parties replies. So lets say i have 13 chats boxes in my inbox..then i have 90 sent messages because they wont merge......
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    They are already merged. Its not taking up any more space on your phone having it this way. Thats the reason when you delete the sent item it deletes from your inbox.
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    OK...great. I thought it took up more space. The Treo 650 was not like this so I was concerned when I saw 90 messages in my sent box. I think this is a weird new feature. They should have kept it like the 650.
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    Sorry to bring this old thread back up, but I just recently started having this problem. I got my 755p on release day, and just this week my phone started doing this. Before, all of my text (sent and received) were in the "Inbox" under chat format, and only messages sent without a reply yet would be under the "Sent" folder. Now, all messages go to "Sent" but also show in chat like originally explained.

    How can I get it so it was back the old way and NOT showing in "Sent" folder if there has been a reply? I haven't installed or done anything to the Treo in months. Thanks.

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