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    I have an AT&T Treo 680 unlocked for T-Mobile. Are there any programs out there that allow me to change the welcome screen from the AT & T one to something different? I know there was on for the 650. Thanks.
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    Cool, thanks!
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    It was working fine, but I've seemed to have lost the new welcome screen. So, i re installed the files from the link in the post above and see them in my Internal Memory(via FileZ), but the screen is back to AT&T. Do I need to delete something?
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    Check the size of the files. The new ones are about 200k the old AT&T ones are about 20k. If you have files that are 20k you have accidently overwritten the new files.......I did!
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    I re-installed the programs to my card, then copied them to internal memory, but nothing changed. Am I missing a step. Thanks.

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