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    I'm on att/cingular and my old 650 is getting pretty beat up. The headphone jack no longer works right, can't sync with the USB cable, etc. It's time.

    So I figured I'd just go to the 750, there's a rebate, etc. But on the reviews aren't very good. There are other and better smartphones - I was looking at the iPhone, Moto Q, some others. I really like Treo though so I'd hate to move away. I don't know when the 755 will be available for att/cingular. I'd think about switching to verizon but their reception isn't great where i live. any idea when the 755 will become available and does it fix some of the 750 problems? is there a standard headset jack so i don't need that stupid adapter?

    it also seems like the palm os is not as available compared to the windows os based models, is it going away?

    i want good mp3 capacity/sound since I use it as an mp3 player also extensively, need good sync with Outlook for calendar/contact/notes (many phones only do the prior two and not notes). I also would like sync with Lotus Notes for work. camera is optional.

    any answers/advice/ideas appreciated, thanks.

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    If your priority is to stay on AT&T and your critical app is an MP3 player, the iPhone might be your best bet. I have friends that say it syncs fine to Outlook, although I can't recall that they use Notes/Memos. Internal memory is insane on the iPhone, too.

    If you're not in a contract and don't like VZW coverage in your area, check out Sprint. I just moved to them with my 755p, got a good price on the phone and their data rates are very reasonable. You'd keep any Palm apps you've already paid for and with a 4+GB Mini SD card, capacity shouldn't be an issue for playing your music.

    I don't think Palm is going away. There are more Windows mobile devices out there because Exchange server is the world standard and there are more manufacturers making Windows devices. There's only one company making Palm phones and they also make Windows phones, too.

    When I talk to my friends on Windows mobile phones, they like the interface since it's basically a miniature Outlook window, but they envy the customization my phone provides along with all of the 3rd party apps available. I also hear that Palm is far more stable and faster than Windows.

    Good luck with your decision.
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    I personally don't think the 755 is coming to AT&T any time soon. However, if you can hold out (my 650 is getting long in the tooth as well), I think that the Centro is coming in January. If it doesn't, I'm thinking about either the 680 or a Touch...
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