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    I am moving from the 700p to the 755p. I have read the forums here and I understand that it is best not to sync the new device to my old backup files, least I bring in some unwanted/corrupt files. Can anyone tell me if I will have a problem if I do the following to bring over the information I want:

    1. Since all my appointments and contacts are stored in outlook, I am thinking I will just have to set up the new device to sync with outlook and I will get all of my contact and calender info transferred over. Sounds easy and straight forward.

    2. There are two 3rd party apps I want to bring over historical information for. These are splashmoney (checking info) and swordfish (password info). If I do a clean install of these programs, can i just go into the old backup folder and grab all the palm database files associated with each program, drop them into the palm quick install program and do a hotsync? Addendum to this question...I just looked in my backup folder and swordfish does not have database files, so can i just install the app as is from the old backup folder and keep all the information intact?

    If anyone has better suggestions for accomplishing the above tasks, please advise.
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    I assume you are giving the new device a different userid than the 700p, otherwise, your first hot sync will bring everything back that is in the 700p userid backup folder.

    Otherwise, this sounds like a plan to me to retain your accumulated data for these two programs. Just remember - if your device does start acting strange -- you might have to start over with a full clean install.
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    With this series, I was able to move my wife's 650 data to the Centro with no problems, mainly 'cause the 650 had the latest releases. There are times though that a mass move does not work well and frankly, it makes sense to install everything one at a time - especially if you plan on using an installation monitoring application.


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