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    Hi folks,

    if you're a registered user of noah pro dictionary, are you aware that the programmers have released version 2.0 about 10 days ago?

    i wasn't notified about this and just found out by scooting around on their site. however, i could not find a link to upgrade.

    i wrote them a letter and they've written back saying they will eventually provide reg users with a link to get the new version. um... why are they making us wait? why weren't we contacted when the new version came out? the program was $20--i would expect to get better treatment.

    if you're a registered user, please visit and email them telling them you'd like the software. maybe if enough of us do this, they'll get off their butts and treat us better.


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    Mine's sent. That's rather irritating.
    I've decided to become enigmatic.

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