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    I just bought a new mini SD card for the Treo and when I insert it into the phone, nothing happens. I had formatted the card on the PC as instructed by the tech people at the software application whose files I was copying. Could my formatting the card have something to do with the Treo not seeing the card? I hope I didn't fry a $50 card!
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    What format did you use? Why didn't you just format it in the Treo? Have you tried to format it in the Treo?
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    I did a 'quick format' on the pc, because they told me to do it that way. The Treo didn't even see the card, so I couldn't format it on the Treo.

    I then inserted it into my old Treo (recently dunked in water and not usable), and that 755 saw the card. I then formatted it in the old Treo. Then I put it in the new Treo and it saw the card. I then formatted it in the new 755.

    I am trying to copy files from an SD card (that I got as a Christmas gift) onto a mini SD card so I can use the program in the 755. Here is what I have done to accomplish that:
    Copied the SD card application into a folder named 'Storage Card' on my C drive. TRIED to copy the contents of the 'Storage Card' folder onto the mini SD card - but it is not working. Most of the time, the pc doesn't see the card reader. I have to continually refresh, and then it only sees the card readers' drives for a short time. This should be a piece of cake, but I am just not able to get it done. Any suggestions?
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    That happened to me with the new SD card for my wife's Centro. finally ended up getting it to format in my 650....

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    I just kept repeating the copy and paste routine and it finally worked. Go figure. Now I might try and see if I can copy those same program files to my mini SD that's usually in the Treo so I don't have to swap cards every time I want to use this new app.
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    Sounds like there's something wrong with the card or the adapter if you're having that much trouble copying.

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