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    I have 2 Boxwave mini-sync cables for the Treo 700p, as well as a wall & car charger adapter. Does anyone know if the mini-sync cables will work with the Palm Centro?

    I emailed Boxwave, and they told me the 700p cables are not compatible with the Centro, but the wall & car charger adapters are compatible (assuming I get a new Centro mini-sync cable). It seems strange to me, given that the connector on the Centro is the same on the 700p. As much as I (and Boxwave) would like me to spend another $35 on 2 minisync cables for the Centro, I'd rather not
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    They should work fine. The connector is the same on the Centro.

    I have a few ebay cables and a Seidio cable from my Treo 650 and 700p. They all work fine on the Centro.
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    So I emailed BoxWave a second time, and this time they told me the Palm Centro MiniSync cable is compatible with the Treo 700p MiniSync cable. So I'm all set.

    Note to self - always ask my question exactly twice from now on.
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