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    I just got a 755P and I have a bunch of spare batteries for my old T650 and T700. It doesn't appear that they fit. Do you need all new batteries for the 755p?

    If you do, what should I get. i searched the forums and saw a siedo 2200ma but it costs $60. That seems pricey to me. Ebay has a bunch that are cheaper but I don't know if they work.
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    To answer your first question, I don't think the batteries work. I went from a 650 to the 755p and the newer battery is thinner so the 650 batteries wouldn't fit into the housing of the 755.

    As for pricing for an additional new 755 battery, this site has a 1600mAh for $30 and a 3200 for $70. They claim that the 3200 has double the life of the standard battery so the price may be worth it if you can avoid needing 2-3 extras. It does appear that the 3200 comes with a new back plate so it's likely you'll be adding width to the phone, too.

    I wonder if you buy the extended door if your old batteries would work. That might be the real question to ask. When you find these batteries online, they only list compatibility with the 755, not even the 700.

    I think your primary issue is that the phone is so new, many resellers are still holding their price close to full retail.
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    No the old batteries don't work and Im pretty sure that Siedo has the only extended batteries you can find.

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