I picked up some streo bluetooth earphones the other day. They're essentially the BlueAnt X5, but are called the GNX X5 instead. They look the same, and maybe even are the same. Either way, when using them I have serious issues with the range - when I put them in my shirt pocket they start skipping. Strangely enough, it's not so bad in my left pocket and it's generally OK in my right pocket. But it's definitely not perfect.

And I can get, max, 3.5 meters from it indoors, with a clear space before I start having issues.

Is anyone else having these problems? Or am I just unlucky? Are they likely a 680 issue or a headphone issue? I know that my girlfriend's S-E W610c gets a better signal, so not entirely sure...

Also, I have a couple of issues with SAG, in that it won't let me make calls. When I try, there's no sound in the headphones and the other party can't hear me. That's damn frustrating. Can anyone shed any light on this? I also know that the headphones work when I turn off SAG, and use Palms internal stuff.