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    Well when I bought my Q and sent in the rebate it got denied and I had to call retentions they still did not give me the full $100 but gave me a $75 credit on my bill. When I ordered my Centro I ordered it from retentions. I got them to go ahead and take the $100 rebate off of the price, because I didn't want to fool with it. I have only upgraded to use a rebate twice in my 8 years with Sprint and 6 lines, and Once (a long time ago) it worked fine no problems received check in the mail in about 6 weeks. The time with the Q was horrible.
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    [Has anyone actually received their $100 rebate from an October purchase of the Centro?[/QUOTE]

    I got mine before Christmas--and it was preceded by a couple of emails assuring me that it was in the pipeline. In view of everybody else's experiences, I guess I should be amazed. What did I do right? No idea--except I filled out the form very very carefully and sent the original receipt, not a copy. I have no complaints at all.

    And I still loooooooove my CEntro.
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    I got my $100 rebate yesterday. No problems with this rebate which was a nice surprise.
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    Up until I got my Centro, I had never had a problem with Sprint. Never, in six years. I was happy with them to the extent that I was scoffing at the poor customer service ratings and recommending my friends switch to them.

    Never again. Here's how things have gone:

    * Upgraded to the Centro within a couple of days of the release. Did it at a Sprint store, and also bought my buddy an upgrade for his upcoming birthday. We both had finished our contracts and we both were eligible for the $150 off on a new Sprint phone. In addition, Sprint had the $100 mail-in rebate. I was very *very* specific with the rep: I wasn't going to upgrade if my bill increased much. With my 650, I had unlimited PCS Vision for $10, including unlimited texting. (My girlfriend is an insane text-messager.) We went over things items by item ... upshot, I'd be playing $15 for Power Vision, so my bill would increase by $5. Okay, fine with me.

    * Sent in my rebate stuff, as did my buddy.

    * Got my next bill. $110+, up from the $55, max, it should have been. Checked online. They charged me for 350 or so text messages. Ugh.

    * First call to Sprint Customer Service (SCS). "Why's my bill so high?" "Because you used 350 texts." "I'm supposed to have unlimited texting. If you look at my last four years of bills, I have unlimited texting." "Yes, but now you don't." Okay ... so I explain very carefully, finally getting through to him (or so I thought), that either they've screwed up, or the guy at the Sprint Store misrepresented things. Either way, I wanted unlimited texting and data for $15, as I was promised. He agreed, and also flagged my account for a credit for the texts I was charged for. All fixed, right? No.

    * Check online again. The credit's there, but so is -- surprise, surprise -- a new charge: $15 per month for unlimited texting.

    * Second call to SCS. Go through the whole thing again: "Look at my last *four years* of history. Look at my bill the month before I purchased the Centro, and look at it now." And so on. Eventually, he says it's fixed. This time, I get his name.

    * Still listed wrong: this time it's $10 for Power Vision (?!) and $15 for unlimited texts.

    * Third call to SCS. Go through everything *again*. Give them the previous rep's name. This time I make them tell me, item by item, what will be on my monthly bill. They list it correctly, which means they got it correct, right? No. (Yes, I got this rep's name, too.)

    * I get notification that my next bill is online and check it. Charged for unlimited texting ... *and* charged for 300+ texts. OMFG.

    * Fourth call to SCS, and I'm *hot*. I immediately begin demanding to speak to a supervisor. They scramble to avoid it, evading the demand over and over. Finally they *swear* the problem is fixed, and that I'll be credited for the extra texts. Like an *****, I believe them ... they couldn't seriously be incompetent enough to screw this up again, could they? Oh, yeah, they could. (Another rep name added to the collection.)

    * I get a card in the mail saying my rebate's rejected because (1) I didn't sign up for a new two-year contract, and (2) because the Centro isn't covered in, you know, the rebate on the Centro.

    * Fifth call to SCS. Different issue, so I'm not seriously pissed off, but I'm pretty annoyed. Takes me forever to explain to the guy. He keeps telling me, "Sir, you're not eligible for the rebate because your contract isn't up until November of 2009." "Yes, you moron, because in order to get the rebate I started a new contract in November of 2007!" Gah! He gives me the number for Sprint Rebate Customer Service (SRCS). Because at this point I have nothing but wary contempt for SCS, I ask him to pull up my account and list my monthly charges item-by-item. "Your Free and Clear plan in $29.99 ... " "Correct." "Your Power Vision Plan is $15 ... " "Correct." "You have unlimited texting ... " "Right ... " " ... for $15." "ARGH!" Again I demand to speak to a supervisor. Again they'll do anything -- you know, except actually fix the problem -- to avoid putting one on. I tell them I will call back again and again and again until I speak to a supervisor. Finally, they say they'll take my contact info and have a supervisor contact me.

    * First call to Spring Rebate Customer Service. Completely automated, no way to speak to a rep, but good news ... turns out the postcards were the result of some kind of glitch. I'll be getting my rebate after all.

    * Just to be sure, I check There's my rebate ... for $50. Sigh.

    * Sixth call to SCS. "I want to speak to *a person* in the rebate department. "I'll transfer you to rebate customer service." "Listen to me. Do not transfer me until you have an actual *human being* on the line. Do you understand? "Yes, sir." And then I'm on hold for 15 minutes, until ... I hear the Rebate automated message. OMFG.

    * Seventh call to SCS. We go through everything again, but she at least returns to the phone to tell me there's nobody answering at SRCS. She -- Maria, BTW -- says she'll help me. After some research, she verifies that I'm supposed to have a $100 rebate. She says she'll credit $50 to my bill, since there seems to be no way to get in touch with the rebate department. Feeling a glimmer of hope, I bring up the other issue. Again, she researches the problem, determines that, yes, up until the Centro I had $10 unlimited data and texting, and, audibly annoyed after speaking to somebody else off-line for a while, tells me that she will simply put a monthly $15 discount on my bill.

    Has Maria fixed everything? I don't know. I know that she, at least, actually cared and understood why I was so frustrated. But I won't have an inkling if her fix "takes" until my next bill, and I won't even begin to relax for another three or four bills, with that $15 discount showing up every time.

    BTW, my buddy had the same issue with the texting on his bill. He also got the rebate denial postcard, but when he checked he'd been given the full $100. I'm not sure how or if he's resolved the billing issue.

    Given the similarities, I'm actually finding it difficult to believe that these "errors" are genuine mistakes. For one thing -- shocking -- they're invariably in Sprint's favor. Wouldn't you think actual mistakes would occasionally work in the consumer's favor? I wonder how many thousands, maybe millions, of Centro buyers either don't notice that they're getting screwed, or just shrug and blame themselves for not being "careful enough"? That's potentially tens of millions of dollars in Sprint's pocket.

    Am I leaving Sprint in November of '09? God, yes. If I can wait that long.
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    Thanks to this thread, I checked the Sprint rebate website ( and learned that my rebate was declined (stating that all applicable discounts had been applied at the time of purchase).

    I had to call, be transfered to two different reps, and after 15 minutes got to speak to someone who told me who would expedite the rebate so that I would receive it in *just* 15 business days.

    We'll see.
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    Maxy, the same thing just happened to me, exactly but they first lost my rebate after waiting thirty days or something for it to be processed or so I thought. The Rebate Center does have better qualified CS agents than Customer Care. They said they would expedite the processing so now its fifteen days tops, they said its normally ten BTW, at least I didn't have to start the clock at the beginning.

    Don't even go there with the incompetent, dum, idiots at CC. I've spent well over twenty hours from the first call getting the details of going from Nextel to Sprint to adjusting my third incorrect bill. It could be more but I stopped counting. I think my fourth bill will finally be correct but now it turns out that there is a tax dept. for people who were charged the wrong tax. I'm in MA and I've been charged for NY and CC can't adjust tax, everything else though so we'll see.
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    OK I finally received my check this week. It turned out that they finally did find my original paperwork, so they cancelled the 2nd requests. I believe I received an email or 2 about it and the web site stated the progression. I believe it showed up on Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008. Cool, except my wife claimed it for keeps.
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