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    Quote Originally Posted by poch View Post
    Bump.. I wanna know where she got those icons too.
    Search the TreoLauncher thread in the Apps subforum. I think there were a bunch posted somewhere around the middle of the thread.
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    I got the icons from the thread Chimmer linked to above. Post #907 I believe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gottria View Post
    I tried Snap and couldn't figuare out how to snap a screen shot.
    It's easy. Launch the app, pick the key you want it mapped to (I use the red button on the right), tap enable, and then exit and go to the screen you want to capture. Hit the button you picked and you'll hear two beeps. Done.
    The images are saved to your card under the Palm/programs/snap directory.
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    Does anyone know how to fix or remove the delay in Zlauncher, when you click Home for example, it goes from the Default Palm OS Look then goes to Zlauncher?
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