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    I recently picked up this keyboard from amazon. Since I hadn't seen any comments at all regarding it and the 700p, I thought I'd post some comments (and ask a question in case anybody else already has it).

    Its a nice little keyboard that works like a charm. It paired on the third try (first two were with a secure connection that I think I timed out due to a disconnect between the keyboard and the chair AKA me) in unsecured mode. I suspect I was incorrectly entering the code on the keyboard. I'm using the drivers that came on the CD. I haven't tried the ones from their website which is one revision newer but it does not appear that they corrected the minor issue that I am having.

    The keys all work correctly including the ones to open specific apps. They appeared to be opening some random apps on the default mode. I set a custom grouping for programs and they are all opening correctly.

    The only problem that I have been having is mimicing the 4 way and select. I can't seem to get this functionality working even though they specify how to use it. I hate to try the new drivers since these are working fine without causing any resets (other than the original installation reset to enable the driver). If someone chimes in with good news on version 4.2, I will give them a shot. (4.2 added 755p support and cleans up the german layout.) So the question: is anybody using this with either the new drivers or have the 4 way working on the keyboard?

    The only real complaint I have with the unit is the sticker that showed how to open the unit. It didn't come off easily (in fact half of it still hasn't come off yet).

    Info: I have a Verizon 700p that has not had the MR installed on it. I've never really had any problems with the bluetooth on the unit to begin with that wasn't ***** caused (headset battery too low, too much walking in and out of the office with the headset still on and the treo just can't handle that many disconnects and reconnects in such a short period of time, etc) . I leave BT turned on and use a headset and sync to two computer via BT.

    Hope this is helpful for someone.
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    I have the same keyboard. I really like it. However, I cannot get a secure bluetooth connection. As always, Palm and Sprint are both complete idiots to try to talk to. Last I heard, they wanted me to call them. I use my cell phone as my primary phone. When I made that choice, I had no earthly conception of the flakeyness of the 700p. I can't very well call somebody on the same device they are going to want me to tinker with.

    So, I've just been taking my chances unsecured.
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    Does anyone know if it's possible to use the Apple Bluetooth keyboard with a 700p?

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    According to the iGo web site, this keyboard is compatible with a 755p or 650, but NOT compatible with a 680 or 700p.
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    It works fine. The only issue I've seen are the insability to do the secure link and the driver itself is a pig. I was trying to figure out why my Palm Internals speed score spiked. I added the driver to the Clean Start file and the speed scores went back to normal. I however need to go in and pair it each time I use it after a reset. (I only use it rarely so this isn't a big deal for me)

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