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    We have a problem with with Exchange 'right' justifying emails (and making them unreadable) when it is forwarded from a user using Goodlink. Also in the mix is a Lotus Notes Server forwarding to Exchange. See FLOW below.

    We submitted the issue to Good, but do not have an answer. Has anyone seen this problem at all?

    1. Email is REPLIED TO or FORWARDED from a 700p using goodlink to the EXCHANGE user
    2. Email goes through a domino server and forwards to the Exchange Server
    - the email looks fine in Lotus Notes
    3. The email comes to the exchaneg user as right justified and unreadable in a column format.
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    Initial thought is the Exchange server Regional Settings are set to a language\character set that is right justified like Hebrew for example. Go to Control Panel and Regional Settings. You should see a Language setting. by defaults its English but it can be changed. We used this "trick" in 4.9 to allow support for non FIGS languages.

    If the server settings are set to English which is default a better description of the issue and flow is needed i.e. if User A on Lotus sends msg via "fill in blank" (GMM device or PC) to User B's "fill in blank" (GMM device or PC) on Exchange. Need the detail of who, transport, device(s) to see the picture.

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