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    I need a checkbook software. I have been looking at Splash Money and Checkbook. I want an electronic register and maybe a budget or something. I don't need anything fancy, I'll probably do everything manually and I really just want to replace my register. I've looked at mycheckbook 5.4 since it's free but has anyone tried it w/ the centro. Any ideas would help. Thanks.
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    Not free, but Pocket Quicken works great for me.
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    Another vote for Pocket Quicken!
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    My vote for Qkn also. It works great with the desktop version and both are well worth the money.
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    Ultrasoft Checkbook? Ultrasoft Money?
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    Being a HanDBase user, I wrote my own applet and have not used a check book registry in over a year.

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    I'm using SplashMoney for over 2 years now and happy. I don't have any experience with any of the others.
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    Pocket Quicken no doubt.
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    Spalsh Money is serving me well
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    My wife and I have been using Quicken for many many years. We also started using Pocket Quicken on our Palms also many years ago. We transfer the data that we enter on th 755 and Centro to the PC and use that to update our phones. Love it.

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    I took the test drive plunge with Pocket Quicken last night and found out what I was missing. What I do: using the HanDBase applet I wrote (which does everything PQ does and more - is it tax deductible, when it cleared, various totals, et cetera), I enter my transaction as it is being done and then at the end of the day I manually enter the information in to Quicken (it was formerly MS Money, but that ended when the release I had would not install on my Vista computer and I like MS Word better than Quicken).

    Anyway, it became a trip sometimes finding errors - did I remember to manually update Quicken at the end of the day? Did I enter the initial information correctly?

    What PQ does lack is the ability to perform its update without syncing everything else. The site also indicates that SpashMoney does not support the latest release(s) of Quicken.

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    I have been using mycheckbook flawlessly since the visor deluxe days. I love the program especially cuz its free. very simple & basic. I love it & always recomend it when I see these kinds of threads.
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    Where can you get mycheckbook . I used to always go to palmgear when someone would post program names but now I cant find squat on palmgear since they changed there format.
  14. #14 - Carl Quick wrote the application and during the period he was active, his applications were great.

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    I looooove splash money! I've used it for over 3 years.
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    Thanks for all the help and replies. I think I am going to start w. mycheckbook since it's free and move up from there. This is my first smartphone so going from paper to the centro has been a struggle. I hate change but I'm making the effort. I want to make sure I'll use the electronic version before I shell out $20-30 on a program.
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    SplashMoney here
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    Quote Originally Posted by hollieplus2 View Post
    I want to make sure I'll use the electronic version before I shell out $20-30 on a program.
    Freeware or shareware, the UI to a large extent determines how effectively and consistently you use software. Other factors that you would probably look into are features, stability and support.

    Don't base your decision on your experiences with one (free) software. Most vendors do have generous trial periods (upto 30 days) that you can use to see if the software meets your requirements.

    One more thing... there is no need to go by the majority opinion (here or elsewhere). Nobody knows your requirements better than yourself.

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    Another SplashMoney user here. I like the OTA transaction updates from my various banks.
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