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    The thread title says it all. I updated my calendar on my laptop, performed a sync and no new entries. I did this repeatedly to no success. Even tried syncing my old Palm device and it worked fine, so I know it's some type of glitch with the Centro. Also, I'm getting an error in the log that says my computer is full(?) and I need to delete some stuff. Weird. Merry Christmas!
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    Have you looked at DBFixit and checked any error codes it may display?
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    Sometimes a soft reset will also help.
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    In this situation, a soft reset rarely works. The desktop does have a "maximum" capacity and files do become corrupt. Highly unlikely too many is the case, this link discusses it:

    An application that checks the integrity of the PIM databases is the avenue to go. DBFixit unregistered will show the problem; registering it allows you to fix the problem. I had problems with syncing not too long ago that I have in the past taken care of with much effort and when DBFixit came out, the solution was about a minute to obtain.

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    I think we had the same basic problem on my wife's centro when we moved her from her E2. It turned out that we had all the old entries back several Palms ago. deleted old entries and it works like a charm.

    Good luck

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    Well, I tried a hard reset per the manual and that helped a little bit, it took the new entries. But then I added to my calendar and those additions didn't take. I tried to call Palm (ha ha, very funny, no answer) and then called Sprint (my provider). Sprint tech Support fixed me right up. We had to do a hard reset that took it back to ground zero, in other words, even re enter my phone number and other numbers (can't remember what they were called). She told me that when I originally activated I eveidently didn't give the phone enough time to fully load all the data ( the activation person told me that an hour was sufficient, turns out it can take as many as four or five). Reloaded data, re synced and I'm back in business! Yippee!
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    My wife's new Centro was ready in 2 minutes. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    My wife's new Centro was ready in 2 minutes. Ben
    Mine appeared ready too. that was the problem. Everything worked fine for a week, then it started to not have new calendar entries in it, even though there were no error log messages. I entered my husband's entire January work schedule (he works ER shifts), then when I looked they weren't there. Same thing with things I had removed from the calendar (recheduled appointments). So, if this happens, call Sprint Tech support, not Palm.
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    Well, another day another sync problem. I think now that the "fix" only fixes it for the moment, loads everything that is on the desktop but no future syncs. I called Sprint last night, got a tech that refused to walk me through the hard reset, told me to call Palm. (non 800 number too). I finally got a guy at Palm today ( not in this country though ) after holding for 15 minutes. He starts me through the troubleshooting, then cuts me off. He calls back on my Centro and tells me to call this "direct number" to him, it's another central routing number, they say the wait time is greater than 20 minutes. I call Sprint again, get a tech that walks me through the hard reset, I get synced. Foolish me, I added more data to the unit, a phone number this time. Yep, not showing up on the desktop after sync. THink I'm going to take this baby to repair when we get back from our vacation. It's only 2 weeks old for Pete's sake!

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