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    Can my Treo 700P be used by 2 people at the same time to make a phone call, with one person using the Bluetooth headset and the another person using the Treo handheld it's paired with? I don't have a Bluetooth headset to test this out with, so I'm wondering if the handheld continues to work or stops working once the Bluetooth headset is connected to it. It would be so convenient if my wife and I could both be on my one and only phone (one of us on the bluetooth headset and the other on the handheld), allowing us both to talk to someone else at the same time. Afterall, 2 or more people can be on a landline phone and other phones on the same line, allowing them all to talk to the same party. Why not with cell phones? Or, could 2 bluetooth devices be paired to the same handheld at the same time? Using the speakerphone feature just doesn't accomplish this objective very well. Your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Ken
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    With bluetooth or a wired headset: no.
    Why not give speakerphone a try? I'm also not sure if there is a splitter for a 2.5 mm jack but that might also be something to look into.
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    I tried that with my 600 and it was not possible. An interesting prospect to look at now. Ben

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