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    amature question, but:
    what folder would i store "txt" files if I'm transferring them to my SD card without using the palm desktop software?

    what are some free pieces of software that are essentials for your treo?

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    It depends on what program you're going to use to open them. Most .txt file readers can navigate anywhere on the card, though, so you could make a folder for your .txt files and dump 'em in with a card reader. SiEd, CardTXT, txtMemo, and tejpWriter (all freeware) can read .txt files from anywhere on a card.
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    If you have lots of text files, I would recommend just making a folder for them. Docs to Go will find them, no matter where you put them, if you want to use that to edit them.

    Look in the software forums for free software. There is a lot out there that is really worth having.

    What model Treo do you have? Some of the basics for a Treo 650 are "Files", "Google Maps", " tryDA", and "NVBackup", in my opinion. There area also lots of games, and even emulators for NES and other systems. Since you are in the Treo 650 forum, I'll assume you have that one for starters.
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