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    Here is my review of Seidio's Crystal Hard Case.


    • Nice fit. Snaps together tightly without adding a lot of bulk.
    • Clear Case allows you to see your phone's true color.
    • Should protect your phone reasonably well.


    • Unnecessary cutouts. This case has cutouts for the LED and IR port which are completely unnecessary. This is a clear case after all, why put cutouts over those areas?
    • Cutouts could have been a little better done, for example the one over the lanyard hookup is totally offset.
    • "Tooling marks" which initially appeared as cracks near the camera and speaker cutouts. While not immediately noticeable, once you are aware of them, they are easy to see. Without repeating myself, you can read Ame's review and my comments in this thread at TreoCentral. Seidio's poor response to this and letting Ame accept the blame for the cracks is unacceptable.
    • Somewhat difficult removal. I found that gripping the rear of the case at the bottom near the HotSync connector and prying apart from there seems to be a good way to remove it.
    • As with all clear cases, lint shows up too easily on a black phone. Red Centro would probably be fine.
    • Price - Their initial price of $24.95 plus shipping is too much, considering that Palm's AirCase is only $19.99 plus free shipping (in addition to free software CD.) One interesting note is that Seidio has now dropped the price of their Crystal Hard Case to $19.95, probably from all of the complaints.

    Now, what's interesting is that Seidio is obviously using the same mold for this case as their rubberized case. I love the rubberized case and rated it 5 out of 5 stars. Clear cases have to be treated somewhat differently. The fact that they are clear means that more care must be taken in producing them. Every defect, blemish, tooling mark will be much more noticeable with a clear case as opposed to a solid color case. In my opinion, Seidio should have designed the clear case from scratch instead of using an existing mold. Seidio has a reputation for quality products and this clear case really doesn't reflect a top quality product, especially for the price. If this thing was $10 - $15, it would be easier to overlook the defects.

    Because of all the cons listed, I'll give this case 3 out of 5 stars. It's not a piece of junk, it will do the job but Seidio could have done better by paying more attention to detail. For those of you trying to decide between Palm's Aircase and Seidio's Crystal Hard Case, the clear winner is Palm's AirCase in my opinion. No unnecessary cutouts, no offset cutouts, the existing cutouts look better (they seem to be beveled at the edges) and of course you can't beat the price, free shipping and free software CD. Much more bang for the buck! You can read my review of the AirCase here.

    Now, for the pictures. I'll also include the comparison pics of Ame's case and my case which clearly shows the "tooling marks" near the camera and speaker cutouts. - "Tooling marks" are what Seidio called them in a PM to me.
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    Well done, great review. I think we are in agreement here though I guess Id probably rate mine slightly lower than yours

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