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    To find the Seidio Clear Case review I did, click here:

    Now that you've read the Seidio review from last weekend, here is my Palm Aircase Review...

    So I got in to work today and got to work on this case... and instead of updating my other thread I just made a new one. I didn't want confusion.

    Initial thoughts:
    It looks very dainty on it's own as the seidio one did. Very thin, looks to be just a hairline thicker, if that. Feels nonexistant on it's own. There is NO "screen protection" at all even though the descrip on the website claims it does.

    The price element, this case being $19.99 + free shipping, was much more appealing than the Seidio pricetag.

    Measurements on thickness:
    Its barely 1mm thick off the phone and looks so thin off that it seems like it would be invisible. But again, not invisible but not horribly ugly either. I prefer the phone naked but that's just probably not practical. I am still thinking about the invisible shield/bodyguardz though.

    when I took it out of the plastic package (which was a battle I might add), it was pre-assembled, just as the seidio was. But this one had a cute little paper "Centro" in it, which I dug. It was easy to separate and very easy to install on the phone. Seems like it might be easy to remove. There was NO forcing it on.

    I have not attempted to remove it yet, I planned to use it for a full week just like the Seidio one, and if I decide not to use either Ill remove it Sunday or on Monday night.

    The connector cutouts also look significantly better.
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    On the phone
    Again, its barely 1mm thick off the phone and looks so thin off the phone it amazed me. On the phone it's definitely noticeable, almost too noticeable, though from a distance no one would probably think anything of it. It's the same fit in my pouch as the Seidio and I am a bit pissed that my case is all stretched out so that if I went back to naked it falls out.

    Even though the Palm site said it had it, there's NO screen protection. Just like with the seidio, the plastic comes up off the phone so it's I guess protected against flat surfaces but if something is comin at the screen...nothin to stop it.

    The cutouts on this are impeccable and the unnecessary ones are obviously not there (LED, IR spot). They are dead on. There is nothing crooked or even off. And the cutout near the metal buttons are better and do not hinder the use of those buttons one iota.

    As with the Seidio, the stylus is also not super easy to get out, though that may be the case with every clear case.

    "drop test"
    I didn't test this beyond my bed, from 5 feet and 5 inches off the bed to the bed. I may test it on the carpet later from a couple feet up. No problems, no separation. Summary
    Id rate this case a B+ on the A to F scale. I deducted points for the shipping issue and I deducted points because it's still bulky and ugly. I really think that the perfect "case" for me is probably never going to come to fruition. So I may go back to nekkid....maybe.

    Cheaper than the Seidio and then even better with free shipping.

    Details--The cutouts are right on the money, nothing hinders the use of the functions of the handset or buttons. Everything is straight. Looks like it was made with care and with a good mold.

    Assembly--getting it on was SUPER easy, and I guess getting it off will be about the same. There were no cracks and there was no force getting it on.

    ETA--I just tested the removal--took about a minute tops. And that's with a distraction where I sang along with the 21Jump Street theme song.
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