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    ok i have a little problem, for some reason or another i can't bluetooth ringtones to other phones. i don't know why it's not letting me do it with ringtones or songs cause i can bluetooth pics all day but not ringtones or songs. when i go to my pics and vids section i can click on pics and vids at the top left and have the option to do lots of things and one is send pics. and from there i can send them bluetooth, e-mail, or sprint mobil e-mail. but when i go to sounds and try to click on preferences it just makes the clicking noise and nothing happens. and when i go to manage my sounds i have the option to send the ringtones then but when i click on send it just makes the clicking noise and nothing happens. sorry this is so long i had to explain it is best as i can. hope i can get some type of help from you guys, u all seem really smart, thanks again.
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    Install a copy of FileZ and you can bluetooth whatever you want all day long
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    When you say phones, are the phones compatible - do they run the same OS? A ring tone is not a ring tone to every phone out there.

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    the phones i'm trying to send to are compatible. what i mean by want let me send is that i can't even get to a screen to send the ringtones. like i stated before i have options to send pics and i can send those. but when i click on send when i'm in my sounds section it just makes a a clicking noise and nothing happens. it does not give me a option like when sending pics. hope that cleared things up a little.
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    Ok, then grab an application such as FileZ, it has options that meet your needs.

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    thanks for the help people

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