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    Has anyone else had this problem?: My 755p started to hot sync, by itself, over and over yesterday. I took the battery out to reset but the phone will not boot backup. Now the screen displays eight red, white, blue and green rectangles with 0.19 displayed at the top. I can't make calls or recieve calls, its just that screen.

    I don't live within an hour of a sprint store, does anyone know what the problem might be? I fear the worst
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    I dropped mine in the snow and got this. Detach the battery and wait a few hours then try plugging it in. You'll very likely have to perform a hard reset (I had to do so twice but my phone is now back in working order).
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    Still having the problem. In my situation the phone never got wet, but I still tried the blow dryer and it didn't work.

    I'm going to have to take it in tomorrow and hopefully post what the problem, if it's known.
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