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    I cannot get Wireless sync to sync up my contacts and calendar entries any more. Email works just fine.
    Background: My device went into a reboot cycle. To break it I had to do a hard reset. Unfortunately, the last hotsync I had done was back in August (4mo ago). Once I reset my device, brought all my current emails over from wireless sync, but it would only load the calendar entries and contacts from my HotSync (outlook and/or Palm Desktop). It won't override with wireless sync info. I can still go online to wirelesssync and see the new records.

    I have:
    *upgraded to ensure I have the latest op sys on phone (_-1.10-VZW)
    *reinstalled wirelesssync on device and on computer
    *ensured that Wireless Sync is set to enable other sync apps
    *I do not have anything checked under the What to Sync..Calendar or Contacts tab.

    I get one consistent error on the hotsync log -- unable to backup PmTraceDatabase -due to protocol error: handheld file could not be opened.

    I am at a complete loss on how to proceed.
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    I experienced this same problem starting early Saturday morning just out of the blue. The system just kept rebooting. I final did a hard reset. It started to give me email but then stopped. I never could get my contacts to reinstall on the phone. They do, however, still show online at Vsync. I also don;t know what to do and have not heard back from email to support. Is there something going on with the Wireless Sync server that anyone knows about? Maybe too much Christmas cheer?

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