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    anyone have experience streaming audio? Like how long could it last streaming XM radio or whatever your favorite internet station might be???

    I'm just starting to test it...its not looking so good. i've lost ~15% in 1 hour.
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    If you only loose 15%/hour, that is about 6 hours and would be very good data-straming on a Centro.
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    We listened to Christmas music on the way to my parents' house on Saturday. I was down to 66% in about 1.5 hours.

    Come on Seido...give us a battery with more juice!! I found the Seido battery for the 755P was just enough more juice to make me happy. I've been trying to be patient....
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    Latley I have been using the Centro more than when I first got it and I am running low by midday . Its a horrible feeling to see your down to 48% and your not going to be home for a few more hours. I am holding out getting an extra batter with the hopes that Seido gets there extended battery out soon. Unless ofcourse the new battery needs a new door and makes the Centro larger then I will go with the extra battery. Happy Holidays all!
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    I do the streaming all the time.

    When I am on a client's site, I plug a portable USB cable into it to keep it charged.

    In the car, I use the car charger for a Treo-650.

    Otherwise, I just use up the battery. I love being able to listen to Podcast and music while I am running errands.

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    i get about 4-5 hours depending on how many bars I have.

    Does anyone else think its ridiculous that Ptunes deluxe doesnt stream WMA...but can play in background....whereas Kinoma can stream WMA but can't play in background???

    Is there something that can do both?

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