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    The reason I ask, is I want to send a video to my mother-in-law and some others I know. I know she and the others might not have the latest video players on their computer.

    Should I convert them to a more standard format before I send them so that they can play them easily?

    If that is what I should do, is there a converter for the 755p to do so that I can have loaded on my phone without first transferring the file to my pc and converting it and then send it back to my phone before sending?

    Simply put, I want to take a video on my phone and immediately send that video to my mother-in-law and have her be able to play it.

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    So I am taking it that there are no Palm applications that reside on the Palm Treo 755p itself that can directly convert its natively created 3g2 video to another format before sending.

    Anyone know of any program like that?

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    Windows Media can play them directly. In my case it was not mapped to it and it asked me if it should try to open anyway, click yes.
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    On a Mac, Quicktime will also play 3g2 files.
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    On my wife's computer it plays on a real player even if I set the preference to Quicktime (odd).

    I guess I'll just have to send it out and hope for the best - I mean all the computers that I can get a hold of will be able to play the 3g2 because either I have made sure they are kept updated or the people I know that own them have - it is just the older non computer generation that don't have the younger or computer savvy to help them keep their computers updated - like my wifes mother who is 85 years old and vacations in another state during the winter months.

    Thats was why I wanted to be able to convert a happy holiday video and send it off to her via a quick and dirty video from my phone - hope she can see it.

    Thanks for your answers.

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