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    On my Palm Centro, the messaging app will restrict me from typing an SMS longer than 160 characters... on my old 650, I could send a message as long as I like and it would break it into the appropriate number of SMS messages needed to send it. Is there a way to get the Centro to do this?
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    Cant recall which one it is..but I saw this answered somewhere:

    I think someone answered that the limit is due to the carrier or phone.
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    The limit is due to sms technology not carrier or phone.
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    Yeah its a limit but Treo 650 users used to be able to just type say 260 characters and the Treo would send it in 2 messges , one with 160 characters and the other with 100. Would be great to be able to get this feature on the Centro.
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    I couldn't do that on my Treo 650. Maybe those who had that ability were on GSM carriers?
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    The ability to concatenate SMS is entirely up to the client, since it is still broken into multiple 160 character messages when sent. There are web based (such as the old Nextel Mobile Messaging) that didn't have the limit, then again, it was not going through packet data.
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    Check out this new program called PictureSMS available at:

    One of the features listed is:

    Send and receive unlimited SMS length
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    I like ^^^ that app but it doesnt function properly on my Centro.

    Anyone else using it?
    I'm a Pre gal now
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    It has nothing to do with GSM and CDMA and everything to do with the app that you're using for the messaging. The Palm app on CDMA phones limits the message length to 160 characters. Modifying that app or using third-party messaging apps are the only way around the limit on the CDMA Palms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cathartic8881 View Post
    I like ^^^ that app but it doesnt function properly on my Centro.

    Anyone else using it?
    I tried using it and while I didn't keep it long enough to try out most features (there are alot!), the multi-message breakup didn't work

    From my phone it appeared that the messages sent, but all my recipients just received messages of gobbledygook; nothing but characters and symbols.

    I gave up!

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    The Treo 680 can create a SMS longer than 160, but sends it as two messages, but that is GSM not the CDMA used by Sprint and the current version of the Centro.
    Problem is when you send one of these long SMS to a phone that doesn't support it!

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