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    what ever happened to the versamail new mail icon that used to pop up on the phone screen? does the 755p not do that?
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    It's gone on the MR'd 700p, 755 and Centro.......

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    i have my 755 set up to sweep email every hour. upon downloading new email, my 755 will generate a sound and then produce a blinking yellow alert circle in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

    the same alert that appears if you miss a call, or if you have a calender event popup. tap on the yellow alert icon and it will take you to the alert screen. alternately, you can press and hold the center nav button, and the alert screen will appear.

    tap on the icon to the right to ack and it will go away. tap on the specific alert message, and it will go there.
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    I am pretty sure the OP is talking about the VersaMail icon that use to appear in the top center of the phone app. Which is now gone.

    What you are talking about is the Alert Manager, which still functions as it always has.

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    its a small thing but I miss it. sux thanks folks
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    Well, it's not so much that it's gone.. but that the TIME is in the wrong used to be on the very left, date on the right... but for some reason the time now starts in the MIDDLE of that bar.....which is where the notification icon for mail should be. Maybe the time display is overwriting the new mail icon? Intentional or just a bug that palm needs to fix? Only they would know for sure.
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    Yea... I had the same issue with Chatter.
    I loved that Icon.
    But now it isn't there.
    I wish they'd bring it back

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