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    I have been loyal, three different Palm Treos in 4 years.

    Syncing has just been impossible for the past several months, unless I uninstall and then reinstall again (a pain). I've never figured out a way to get it to automatically sync at a given time (it's always plugged in when I'm at home).

    Last year this reinstall/uninstall somehow lost me all my categories of years of work.

    I really need it daily and I'm thinking of switching to iPhone unless i can figure out how to get my 680 to interact with other programs than the Palm software.

    I thought it might just be the new Mac OS update but the problems were there before. Any suggestions much appreciated.

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    Missing Sync by MarkSpace.
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    what are you syncing too? Palm Desktop or other programs?

    If your syncing to the PD, you shouldn't have any problems. It your using other programs to collect the data, like the man said. Get Missing Sync!!

    What OS, What Mac?? What Programs are you trying to sync too??
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    Mac OS 10.5.1, but I had the same problems b4 the switch. Just syncing to PD. Used ot have to uninstall and reinstall each time. Now when I push the sync button I just get that screen it shows you when it's done syncing. SO it won't do anything now.

    Don't use any other programs. Tried, but stopped out of frustration.

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    My next question will be about PD version. Make sure you've got the current version for your 680. The disk that came with your phone will have that. Update to that version ASAP if you haven't.

    I hadn't updated PD in quite a while, been on Palm devices since 98, and it made a big difference when I got the 680 last year.

    If you are on the current version for the 680, I'm at a loss. Personally I haven't had any problems syncing to the PD since OS 10.0. Once we got to 10.1 I think it was, it has been completely stable for me.

    I'm not running 10.5 so I can't comment on that, but I did just upgrade to 10.4.x and that is working just fine.

    good luck!

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