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    Presuming the following:

    1) All apps are configured to NOT disconnect from data automatically when they are done using the connection.

    2) EVDO

    3) As far as I can tell, there are three data states: a) default startup, disconnected from data service (arrows with box on the outside and no arrows atop the signal strength meter), b) active data (blue arrows going up and down), c) dormant (gray arrows).

    If one uses any application that requires a data connection, such as Google Maps, the phone will go from a) to b) in order to download data, then c) once it is no longer downloading maps. Even after exiting Google Maps, the phone will stay in c) state and remains so indefinitely (or so it seems).

    What is the timeout, if any, for the phone to revert back to a) state? Is this configurable?

    I noticed that in c) state the battery drains faster, presuming that there are heart beats to maintain the connection. I also noticed that the phone does not seem to drop back to a) automatically. Neither SMS, nor a phone call, nor time causes it to go back to a).

    I know Power Hero is an option, including the PH Net Off app, but I simply like to know the logic for keeping data in c) (dormant) indefinitly, and, if exisits, a built-in setting for timeout.

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    You do not mention this directly, but this is still an issue with the Centro. Palm needs to let us know how to stop it!!!!!

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