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    Here is my review of Seidio's holster for the skinned Centro. This holster is pretty much the same as Seidio's first Centro holster - the difference is that this new holster is for Centros that have skins or hard cases installed. Their first holster was for an unskinned Centro.


    • Perfect fit. The Centro fits securely in the holster without adding a lot of bulk. It's a "face in" design which protects the Centro's screen from getting damaged. I know some people would prefer a face out design, so that they could use the Centro without removing it from the holster but I prefer the face in approach.
    • Easy to install & remove. The spring loaded clip at the top of the holster allows for easy one handed installation and removal, while still holding securely with no worries of it accidentally falling out.
    • Slight gap between Centro's face and holster, I believe this is to prevent accidental pressing of touch screen.
    • Felt lined - this will prevent scratches to the Centro's case.
    • 7 position belt clip. The belt clip can be rotated to 7 different angles, "clicking" into each position. You can wear the Centro so that it's completely vertical, completely horizontal or at angles in-between.


    • None! This is the "perfect holster" in my opinion!

    While I prefer pocket carry, there are times when pocket carry isn't practical and a holster is required. This holster is well made and seems to be a top quality product. I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

    Here are some pictures of the empty holster and some with the Centro (hard case installed.)
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    I agree. Love this holster. I bought for the occasions I didn't want the phone in my pocket, which I thought would not be too often. Turns out, I'm using it all the time. It's very one-handed and requires zero effort to remove and put back, just a wonderful design.

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    Do you have any trouble with the phone falling out when you bump a doorway or counter?

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