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    My unlocked AT&T 680 has bombed out twice on the Palm 2.11 update. After 38 minutes with the screen frozen on 'EXECUTING UPDATE' I touch the screen with the stylus and get the following error message -

    GSMFirmware Updater couldn't detect valid radio revision. Please make sure you are using correct hardware.

    I click OK and get another error message -


    And the device goes to the home page. It now shows the ATT 2.11 rom on the phone info page.
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    I have bad news for you...mine did the same thing....after talking with tech, they said phone is now a paper weight and no good....luckily, my phone was under warranty and I was able to get a new one. When I picked up the new one, it did not have the update either. Before I did the hotsynch, I performed the update and it worked flawlessly. Did the hotsynch and everything is back to normal. Hope yours is in warranty.
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