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    I just purchased my first Treo, and so far I'm amazed at the community it has. Its awesome. My concern is, that my Treo has been charging on the wall charger for over a few hours, and when I go to turn it on, almost immediately it says "Low Battery Shutdown" "Phone Will Turn Off in 30 Seconds".

    Did I get a bad battery or what? I'm just trying to get my treo to work, because I want to look at all the functions, but it won't even power up.


    i just left my treo to charge over night and when I just tried to turn it on, it says "Battery is ALMOST EMPTY" and it shuts down in 30 seconds.

    Help me out here guys
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    Sounds like the battery is not holding a charge at all. Though a few times I have found my treo was connected enough to get power but not enough to charge. Try doing a reset of your phone and charge it up. Or worse case scenario, hard reset the phone and then try it. I had a program once that would power drain phone and it wouldn't charge right. Last thing is you will need to get a new battery. I actually have three at all times, you never know when you will need one.
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    How do I perform a soft or hard reset. I'm new to this phone so I have no idea what that means.

    It sounds like the company I purchased the phone from gave me a dead battery. They also didn't include the sim card holder which I had to purchase.

    I also just tried to turn the phone on again after I just got off work, and still the same message.
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    Soft Reset
    1. Open the battery cover, the reset hole on the left, just neighbor or the stylus.
    2. Press it to reset it.
    Hard Reset
    1. Press the Red button to turn off you phone function (I'll do it usually ^^!)
    2. Pull out the battery.
    3. Hold the Red button then insert the battery
    4. Release the red button until the screen show the palm logo
    5. Then it'll show you press up button to clear data, down button to keep data.

    That all, hope it can help you ^^!

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