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    Hi Everyone!

    I just got the Mortola H700 today and I was very excited. The problem is I went home and I tried to set it up, but the 700p wont add it to my trusted device list. It says "Unable to add Motorola H700 to your trusted device list". It recognizes it and everything though. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!
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    nm.. i fixed it. its currently 2am and after 2 hours I finally got it to work. What i did was basically reset the treo
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    The H700 (which is one of a few I have) is the most difficult one to make happy. Do not be surprised with its wanna work sometimes work ethic.

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    I agree, the H700 was an absolute pain to get connected, but once I got it paired, I haven't had any trouble with it! I've been using it for a good 8 months now too!

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