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    anyone know if audio gateway and the jvc bluetooth adapter (KS-BTA200) work together? I'd like to know before I invest in either. It'd be installed on a kd-avx11 head unit. btw...SAG and my logitech free pulse work great if anyone's considering getting the free pulse (good price a circuit city right now).
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    In case anyone is interested, I have had success pairing my Palm TX using SAG with a JVC KS-BTA200 bluetooth adapter and a KD-HDR30 head unit.

    Other Palm Bluetooth devices should work also, though not all models are capable of the highest-quality audio transmission due to processor limitations. SAG has multiple audio quality settings to choose from, and page 4 of the SAG user manual (available from the Softick website) also has information on model compatibility / quality capability. (The Treo 700p is listed as "totally compatible".)

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