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    Sadly ... I stopped using my 700p mid August - and opted for the iPhone. Nice device.

    Cancelled by Sprint account ($250) but want to give my 700p to my son. He already has a Sprint account with a Razr. What needs to be done on my end as far as the Sim card, etc etc???? He MAY want to keep his Razr. What does he need to do in regards to contacting Sprint and the Sim card?

    Is there any info left on the Sim card? (emails, etc) The 700p hasn't been charged since mid-August
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    sprint doesn't use sim cards. Are you refering to the SD card? If so, take it out and keep it or format it or use it in a camera.
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    Ok .. thot info was stored on a Sim card (not SD) ... silly me <grin> .... was just concerned that contacts, emails, etc still might be stored somewhere on the phone.

    What about any software I purchased that is still on the phone?

    Thanks for the help/info
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    How about doing a hard reset?

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