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    I tried the new tryda and wasn't impressed. After using on demand 411 it is superior to tryda. There is a little trick too making 411 faster to launch. Go into the program "filez" and change the attributes of ondemand 411 to not hidden. Then map it to one of the phones favorites buttons.
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    On Demand 411 doesn't find a business by category, does it?
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    411 does search by category as well as name.
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    Can it add the information to your contact list or do you have to cut and paste it back and forth?
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    ondemand 411 adds the addresses to your contact list from the app it works well.
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    Does anyone know how to get the 411 part of OD back if I deleted it? I thought I was going to be charged...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayzee View Post
    411 does search by category as well as name.
    Yeah... Hmm.. so how do you do it?

    There is no specific field for category in the OnDemand 411 app. I tried puting a category in the Name field. It worked for some things, but for others, it only found businesses with the word in the name.

    I did put in "restaurant" (restaurants wouldn't work), for my town and it found about 20 entries.

    Using Tryda it found 41 entries.

    Other then that the OnDemand app seems to work ok. I think originally when the Treo 650 was around they were charging for the 411 app after an initial period. Or maybe they were, but then changed their minds.
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    My on demand (755p) quit working for free after a trial period. I won't pay a monthly fee for it. Plus it takes for ever to "update" everytime you open the app- Hate that!
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