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    I'm thinking about this for my Treo. Any actual users out there that can give me some insight on how well it works compared to Nav5...Thanks.
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    It works pretty well. It's really cool to be able to have 1 big map of the whole country, although using that map is a lot slower.
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    There are already a lot of post about TT on this site. I use TT6 and it's probably the best thing since the phone itself. A little weak on finding POI's doing the custom search (unlike my Garmin stand alone), but I actually like it better for GPS cordinances.
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    TT6 is the greatest thing since sliced bread for my 650. "Best app ever."
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    Hve had TT Nav6 for about 6 months and am happy overall. Am getting some very interesting routing in various parts of North America. Maps appear to need updating. All in all though I like the concept, certainly did not need another electronic thing on my person.



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