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    Is there a trick to using the jawbone with a 755? There is a large variation in the connection time. Sometimes it takes a full 45 seconds after initiating a call before the I can hear or speak through the headset. It is usually connecting just in time for me to hear the people hang up. Other times it connects immediately. I'm assuming it's not the jawbone but the pitiful phone performance.

    Is this normal for this phone?
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    Mine works fine.. I do upon occassion have it take longer to connect but I usually know it didn't connect by the three beeps and then I just hang up really quick and then redial and it always reconnects on the second try and like I said thats kinda rare. I use it every morning and even though I get quite a few beeps its performs quite well. In my opinion its the best BT headset I've ever owned and Ive had quite a few of them to compare.
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    I just purchased the Jawbone for my 755 as well. Is it just me or does the blue headset icon remain in the upper right corner even when you are no longer on a call. It does turn dark blue when on a call however. Is this normal? On my 650 the headset icon would only come on when you where on a call. Is this draining more battery for the phone or headset. Also noticed that the headset will beep three times after I hang up a call then the headset icon will turn back into the regualar bluetooth icon for a second then come right back. I have searched bit. Is this normal? tnx
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    I have the Jawbone and the 755P.

    They connect instantly.

    As long as the Jawbone is powered on -- the blue headset will remain on screen to show that the devices are paired and connected.

    On occassion, the connection between the 755p and the Jawbone will break and the three beeps inform you that a "reconnection" has occurred. I am assuming that this connection break is more the 755p's fault than the Jawbone's.

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