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    I put my stylus on a picture of one of my contacts and it disappeared. How can I retrieve it? Where did it go?
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    Did you check the DCIM folder(s) on the card to determine if it is on the card? Tapping on it from the contacts will not make it disappear - you have the option of checking the "camera" or "photos" - taking a picture and it being left in main memory, or the card.
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    Unless the menu popped up that offers to change it from pictures, camera or remove and the stylus slid down to remove.
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    Yep, what cavingjan said.

    Sometimes the screen calibration is a little off. When tapping on one menu item, another menu item is chosen due to screen calibration being a little off.

    Recalibrate the screen and reselect your image for your contact..

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    On my Sprint Treo 700p remove only remove does not remove it from the device or the card.

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    Not the original source but that may or may not have been on the device to begin with. The bulk of my contact pictures were done in Outlook. The odd photo that I do setup on the treo usually gets deleted in a monthly purge.

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