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    Here is my review of Seidio's hybrid case. It's basically the same as the rubberized case except the front cover is clear plastic.


    • Great fit! Snaps together tightly just like the rubberized case.
    • Pretty easy to remove once you figure it out. I start at the bottom by squeezing the rear sides of the case down near the HotSync port and then spreading it apart.
    • Slides in and out of pocket easily just like the rubberized case.
    • Looks a little more "professional" or "dressier" than the rubberized case. I use the rubberized case for every day jeans and gym-wear, where the hybrid case would look better in a business or formal environment.


    • Lint gets trapped between the front of the case and the Centro's body. One thing I've learned is that clear cases and black phones are not a good mix. Black shows up lint too easily. Probably not a problem with red or other colors.
    • Unnecessary cutout over the LED (just a minor issue.) I'm sure the reason for this is because the rubberized case and the hybrid case (as well as the clear case) are all made from the same "mold."
    • The lanyard cutout isn't lined up correctly (as previously reported) but it's still functional for those that use a lanyard. The other cutouts are fine in my opinion.

      I'll give this case a 4.5 out of 5 stars! So far, only the rubberized case ranked a perfect 5 out of 5 and it's still my case of choice.

    Here are some pictures. I probably need to get a new digital camera for all these reviews!
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    Chimmer, thanks for the review. I have the black rubberized case and I love it. I was very interested in the hybrid case when it was announced, but now I think I'll just keep what I have.

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    Received my case and holster today.

    As usual, I'm happy as a clam with Seidio's stuff. The case is great, very slim and the holster fits it very well. Also got the replacement stylus to boot.

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