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    Tomorrow I'm going to be getting a 755p and I'm trying to find a good messenger app that will not use sms. I also don't want to have to have to pay for a subscription. So far the only thing I've really found is Mundu. Are there any others that are worth looking into?
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    I've got IM+ and Mundu... testing them currently... both have their good and bad points... and both companies have responded quickly and promptly to my bug reports. The bug-fixed MunduIM (mailed to me privately) appears to be stable. Overall Mundu is less expensive and has more features. IM+ is mature and stable but very "sparse." I have to mention both have their "irritating" bits.

    As I said, I've still not reached any decision to go with a particular one.

    If you do not want connectivity in background mode, you can check-out "Chatopus." Very nice and stable and good feature set.

    - mvk
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    I found of the ones mentioned by GreenHex that Mundum IM V4 was the better of the 2; I have V3 on my 650.

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    The current release version of Mundu won't work on the 755P. If you contact them, they will send you an unofficial version that will. I have both IM+ and Mundu. I purchased IM+ before I new about the unofficial version of Mundu. I like Mundu better but I would like to hand pick a few items from IM+ and add them to Mundu.
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    I switched to the 755p recently and searched far and wide for an MSN Messenger application that would not charge me an SMS fee. It's features are outstanding. This program, QuickIM, works just like the desktop version of MSN Messenger.

    It was easy to setup on my Treo 755 from Verizon. I like that QuickIM will run in the background while I am doing other things. I recommend it! Its the first program on my list.

    You can download a free trial from
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    Strange, they say that QuickIM needs GPRS. Is that just their way of saying you need an internet connection?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Grace View Post
    Strange, they say that QuickIM needs GPRS. Is that just their way of saying you need an internet connection?
    Instant Messaging (IM) requires an internet connection. "Messaging," (SMS) on the other hand does not require an internet connection (it is a mobile phone technology).

    There may be certain (mobile phone) IM applications that use SMS to deliver an Instant Message via an intermediate server.

    Most mobile phone IM apps use an intermediate server to deliver instant messages, but don't confuse this with the statement above.

    - mvk
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    i just wish one of these IM programs would provide a way to check their away message w/ out IMing them? You think this would be an easier feature to add.. thats one thing that annoys me about these programs.
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    I use Toccer for AOL IM (I wasn't sure if you were looking for a specific messenger service) - it's useful and free, and runs in the background. It doesn't use sms, but does cause use a bit of battery, as you might expect if it's keeping some sort of data connection. (Although it doesn't drain the battery as much as I expected it to).
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    Two free options:

    Toccer for AIM, as someone mentioned.

    ChitChat Lite for MSN.

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