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    so for awhile i had been oblivious to my slow internet speeds. Then after some research i realized i should be getting broadband speeds on my phone because i am on sprints network and the 755p is supposed to be getting EV-DO. I then went to dslreports and did a mobile test and found i was only getting about 100kbs. I guess i need to contact sprint and get this fixed. But i was wondering if anyone else experienced anything like this. Or if this is the speed i should be getting.

    seems like something is going on to me

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    have you tried reprovisioning???
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    Just for giggles, try this:

    Tap the link from your Treo and let it run. I'll bet you will get a much higher result.

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    On the mobile speed test at I usually get anywhere from 80 to 120 kbit/sec, right now getting 140-170. On the Speed Meter at, I get 464 to 581 kbps. On, I get 921 kbps. On, I get 1630-2550 kbps. On, I get 494 kbps.

    Everybody says EVDO Rev 0 should be 400-600 kbps. So some of these numbers are crazy, some are reasonable, the DSLReports numbers aren't so good. But at least you know that if your phone is broken, it's not the only one.
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    if you really want to know what your getting tether your phone to a computer and see what the computer gets. Its the only true way you can tell what your speed is. I usually get around 100-180 thru dslreports mobile page but in the same exact spot hooked to a computer I get 700kb/s+.
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    BTW, I ran the dslreports speed test the other day when I was in a 1X service area and got 22 kbit/sec. Couldn't run the 2wire speed meter because it took too long.
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    The real test is to use while on the computer. You have to take into account where the test file originates or the test is bogus, as you'll see when you try this test.

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