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    New 755p owners:

    I think I've read that the 755p uses a new battery.

    Does the existing Palm cradles & seido chargers work with the new batteries and the 755p form-factor?

    Why don't the old batteries work? Is it a different size? If it is, than compatability could be a problem???

    Can somene clarify this. I dont really care about holsters, cases, etc, but have made a big investment in Palm Cradles (2), and batteries (4).

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    I went from a 650 on VZW to the 755p on Sprint very recently. The chargers and cables you have will continue to work. The battery was different (smaller and thinner) in the 755 so sorry to say it but those will be a loss.

    On the upside, I sold my 650 with a case & belt clip for $100 to a coworker so give that a try.

    Good Luck
    11+ yrs w/ a Palm: It's come a long way!

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