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    Ok.. called Kelvin. He mentioned a few ideas. Trying a different USB port, trying making sure the connection on the Centro was firm (especially on the left side), try reversing the cable, clean the contacts on the Centro with a qtip and Alcohol. I had tried everything except cleaning the contacts.

    I was very sceptical and thought the cradle was just defective. I thought Seidio was full of it. My sync cables (retractable and regular) all work fine.

    Anyway.. just to humor Kelvin, I tried cleaning the contacts a little. Plugged it in, expecting nothing and whoa... it works... I'm an *****..

    I apologize Seidio. The cradle is working fine after cleaning the contacts.
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    That's why he's in tech. sprt. I just hope its not coincidental. I don't see how your contacts got that dirty, do you? I'd test it some more now that you've tried everything.
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    Funky.. It stopped working again.. I tried cleaning some more and it seems to be working better, although I played with the connection some more. I guess I'll try it some more to be sure. Could be coincidental... Or it could be that the Inno Dock Jr is just very touchy. I don't plan on cleaning my contacts every day.
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    No, its not you or the phone, take it back. I think I lost everything early on with my LifeDrive when the cable wasn't well connected. It isn't worth losing everything or having to deal with an inferior product.
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    Mine didnt work , I called them up and tried the cleaning, it worked for one hotsync then didnt work again. I sent it back and got another buit that did not work at all. I love siedios stuff but this Cradle is not a good item.
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    Don't go there or check out the Seidio thread on how they've gone downhill, allegedly.
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    Ok.. after a week the dock is back to being flaky. I have to play with it and put the Centro in it and take it out like 5 or 6 times before it is recognized correctly. I don't think I'm going to bother sending it back again. It's not worth the hassle.

    I definitely wouldn't recommend this device though.
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    Just PM the Seidio guy here and take it back for a refund. I don't think that's so difficult? It shouldn't cost $5 to ship it back and I'd even ask them to send you a return label so the shipping is on them. You've been way too patient and if there customer service is as good as they claim then you should be all set, otherwise I think this is fair warning. They can't help you if you don't ask. I know I'm crossing my fingers.
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    Ok.. so I did get an RMA, but it was kind of working. So I decided to keep messing with it a little longer. Then the Hotsync button stopped working. It would sync by going on the screen.

    Anyway. I decided it wasn't worth the time to send back for me. I took it apart to see if I could find any loose connections. Didn't really see anything.. I think the issue is mostly in the connector that attaches to the palm device.

    I spent about 5 minutes messing with it and then threw it away.

    Just an FYI.
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    Another way to clean the contacts is to rub then with an eraser.
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    That stinks. I think I had mentioned earlier in the thread how I lost my whole LifeDrive when hotsyncing do to the connection, I think. That is one accessory you don't want to take any chances on! At least people now know what's going on, maybe someone else will send it back, or not order it.
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