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    So I buckeled and upgraded from my 65o to a 755 (and I really do love the way it feels in my palm).

    I synced with the new device and all went ok, but none of the photos that I had attached to contact (that show up on screen when they call me) transfered? For the most part I can reconnect the photos, but there were a few photos that got erased somewhere along the line, so there is no other copy of them. They are still attached to the contact on the 650, but I do not know where that particular piece of info is store.

    this is a pretty trivial promblem I know, but if anyone has an answer I would appreciate. thanks
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    I am not sure why the "thumbnail" photos did not come across -- as I understand it, they become part of the contact and no longer need to be linked to the original photo.

    On the ones that you cannot re-link -- try beaming that contact from the 650 to the 755p and see if the thumbnail contact copy of the photo comes along this time.
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    I have a similar problem through Exchange sync. Some pictures seem to sync on the initial sync but after that, I can't get a new contact to sync the picture. I have Exchange 2003 sp2.

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