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    From the Phone Application, each day, the first time i goto the Web, it takes 30 seconds! After the first time the web is accessed it works fine and then the next day, the same thing. It takes about 30 seconds to get to the Connecting to Power Vision screen (regardless of physical location). Has anyone else experienced this or know how I can go about tracking this down?
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    I experience the same thing, but I'm already connected to PowerVision and it still happens (so I know I'm not waiting for it to connect behind the scene).

    And you are seems to only be the first time accessing. Then after it seems o.k.
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    Wonder if we have some program in common or some setting. Has anyone else experienced this?

    French -- which programs have you installed?
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    This was and in my case still is an issue with the 700p. I didn't know it was an issue witht he Centro.

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    Turbo -- what applications do you have installed?
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    Do you guys have nightly backups scheduled?
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    Do you guys have nightly backups scheduled?

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