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    Has anyone ever encountered a registration key that didn't work? I bought chatter from last month and the registration key they gave me didn't work. There was a lot of back and forth trying to figure out the problem, and eventually they just refunded me my money.

    Then i tried purchasing it through the palm store, and got the same registration key as before, and (i guess i should have expected this), that didn't work either.
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    There are a couple of things that could cause this. Usually its a problem with the Hotsync ID. If you purchased the software and either mispelled or added a space in your Hotsync ID, it won't work if it doesn't match what is on your Treo. Another problem is the use of punctuation in Hotsync IDs. I made the mistake of putting an apostrophe in my ID: Stu's Treo. This has caused me numerous problems with matching as many developers ID systems don't recognize the punctuation. Finally, there has a been a couple of times, where it was necessary to do a clean install, in order for the ID to work. With all that said, I've had none of these problems when I purchased Chatter. Not sure if this helped, but I hope its of some use.
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