I have a bunch of contacts in my Treo 750, these are all personal numbers at one point they were on my SIM card and went phone to phone with me as I searched for "the" phone. Now that I have the Treo 750 w/ WM6 and I love it I have copied the contacts to the device and to avoid duplications in the contact manager I deleted them from the card... (thats just to preface my questions )

I currently use Exchange '03 and I sync my email, calendar and tasks with it all the time. That seems to work great, but I want a way to bring my contacts over from exchange/outlook but not have them show up when I try and call people or search through my contacts. I really just want to be able to autocomplete when I respond to an email or forward one instead of having to remember everyones email address and type them all the way out.

How do you guys manage this and is there a better way than what I am using? Thoughts?