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    I will start off by saying this is the first palm device i have owned. As others have reported here my battery life is terrible. Phone comes off charger around 8am and with a few short calls and 15 txt or so the battery is just about dead by 7pm. Bluetooth and ir are off, screen brightness is around 25%. If i have a day where i really have to "use" the phone it is dead even earlier. I have never installed or used sprint mail or versamail. My list of programs is below. I haven't had the time yet to test the phone with no progs after a hard reset but i shouldn't have to. If this phone cant handle a few basic progs installed whats the point? Any feedback is welcome.

    4cast updates every 3 hrs tried turning update off no change

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    My first thought would be try it without TreoAlert if you can. ServiceLED, killed my battery life. Right now though mine has great battery life. I pull it off the charger at about 7:00am and can usually go 2 - 2 1/2 days. I use power hero to set my screen brightness @ 35%, Network and Phone on @ 6:00 am and off @ 11:00pm M-F and on @ 7:00 am and off @ 1:00 am Friday and Saturday Night. I use Versamail and it checks 3 email accounts eve 30 minutes between 6am and 10pm every day. I use maybe 30-40 minutes voice and 20-30 text daily. I know my battery started off really bad, but I think that was due to Service LED. Also On Demand auto updates every 4 hours. As for third party apps, I have a few on there. They are listed below excluding the games. The only thing I did do was to make sure to charge the battery fully and discharge all the way to the point of the phone not even powering on, letting the battery cool for 30 minutes and then recharging to 100%. The first couple of times I had to start a movie in TCPMP, set screen at 100% and turn on BT and IR to get it drained all the way down.

    Apps installed

    Card Reader
    Salling Clicker
    TC Dataviewer
    Resco Explorer
    Ultrasoft Money
    Nexus Dictonary
    Palm Reader
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2canSAM View Post
    My first though would be try it without TreoAlert if you can. ServiceLED, killed my battery life.
    My thoughts exactly... Flashing that LED and vibrating will decimate your battery. Vibrating the phone is a huge battery drain--think of it, you're shaking the whole thing with a little motor.

    Here's my run down.

    Phone off charger: 9:45 am = 99%

    Calls: ~10 mins (2 calls)
    SMS: 1 in, 2 out
    Web: 20 mins
    Music: 1 hr 10 mins
    Email: 6 in, 3 out (Chatter w/SMS trigger)
    Weather: auto update 5 hrs
    Google Maps: 5 mins
    Roaming/Lost signal: 15 mins (NYC tunnels)

    Home back on charger: 11:45 pm = 41%

    For me, that's outstanding and I'm very happy. And I have tons of 3rd party apps, though I highly recommend Hobbyist PowerHero to help save battery life.

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    I havent missed any alerts yet so treoalert cant be the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njfoses View Post
    I havent missed any alerts yet so treoalert cant be the problem.

    Do some controlled testing.
    • How does the battery perform with the radio off?
    • Monitor your data usage (lit arrows): are they always active, idle?

    The point being, there is something odd about your device, probably 3rd party related, so you'll just have to make sure you install the latest versions and do a single program installation, then monitor performance.

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    not sure I understand but I am saying to disable treo alert, and see what your battery life is like, not that it is failing on you. Like Malatesta said you will need to do controlled testing. Best way is to hard reset and try the phone a couple of days just using the stock ROM applications. If battery life is acceptable add apps one a time and monitor. If battery life still sucks there is a problem with either your phone or battery. You can look at the apps that me and others that have replied are using and assume they are safe to run but I would still start with a fresh slate.

    Quote Originally Posted by njfoses View Post
    I havent missed any alerts yet so treoalert cant be the problem.

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    OK, since I got my Centro in early November I was having the same problems everyone else was complaining about. But in the last few days my battery life has been awesome!

    I am not sure what changed, but here are a few things I have changed about the time things corrected.

    FIRST, I downloaded BattLogger to monitor my battery usage. It does that very well but I cannot believe a monitoring program can SAVE battery power, but who knows?

    SECONDLY, I let my battery run-down to under 25% and THEN recharged the phone. Up to now I had been simply "topping-off" the battery by leaving it charging in the car and at home and work.

    THIRD, I reduced my screen brightness to 25%.

    FOURTH, I downloaded a program (can't think of the name) which does away with the pesky problem when you hang-up a call and that screen stays there.
    I think it was called Phone_specs and it is installed to RAM to over-ride the same named file in ROM. Then did a soft reset.

    By the way, I do use Butler and the LED notification on missed calls which lights up the LED as solid green.

    Anyway, I have moderately used my Centro at work today and since 9 am I still have 94% battery life at 5:30pm and I have not charged it!

    Go figure, but something I did above is giving me the kind of battery life all of us want.

    Any thoughts?
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    One thing I have noticed that kills my battery is leaving the wrong application running when I turn off the screen. If am playing Sudoku and just turn off the screen my phone will be dead in a few hours. So I make it a habit to always return to either the phone or launcher before turning it off.

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