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    Anyone using VOX for moblogging and have success upoading videos? My videos "appear" to upload, but the post does not display the video, and the message below is posted.

    This video is being processed and will be available soon.
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    It appears the problem is with the file type. Palm is encoding video in a .3gn format, and VOX does not accept this type.....
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    I noticed this too on my Vox page ( but I swear they worked until I went back and edited the related post. After that it got the same, "This video is being processed and will be available soon." message.
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    Seems silly that VOX provides a Palm mobile app, yet does not support the type of video files a Palm creates.

    My tedious workaround is to email myself the videos, convert to .avi, then post from a PC. So much for "mobile blogging".
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    Anyone have a "mobile solution" that can fix this issue?
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    Thought I would revive this topic... don't know where else to post.

    I have been trying to use Vox with mixed results. I can post a blog entry just fine with a pic if I take a pic with my VZW Centro for the post. But if I just try to attach a picture already on my SD card, Vox starts "reading external images" and then freezes up.

    Anybody know why this happens?

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